Radio Shows

Radio shows, created by some of our partner organizations, some also in collaboration with other partners, educate, advise and inform as wide of an audience as possible. We communicate information and knowledge, inform the public about project's results, findings and achievements in an expert-based but also interesting and attractive manner. Our collaborators are journalists, researchers, users, students as well as members from the world of academia and elsewhere.

Music and Medicine Facilitation of the use of music in health care.
European Evening of Sounds Series of radio programmes on sound memories.
Deaf Radio Speculations

A radiophonic discussion between musicologist Dana Papachristou and anthropologist Yorgos Samantas on the possibility of a Deaf radio, emerging from their fieldwork on the "Audibility" of sound art, music, and the deaf experience and cultural expression, within a School for Deaf and hard of hearing students.

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  • RadioNetwork (community radios)