Radio is an important and cost-effective source of information, education, and entertainment accessible to wider audiences (Rahman Ullah, & Khan, 2017). A public medium (in this case, radio), involved in a project focused on creative artistic content has the potential to initiate a broad collaborative network, fostering ideas and proposals towards research, developmental and organizational innovations in the field of comprehensive care – improving approaches to children and vulnerable groups, as well as the integral quality of their lives. Content gathered through a series of radio talks, webinars and online lectures will serve as material for thematic debates and knowledge exchange among experts and the general public about how sound can affect our health and our lives as a whole.

Music and Medicine B-AIR SOUNDINGS: About the Impact of Music on People
European Evening of Sounds Series of radio programmes on sound memories.
Sound and Music in Child Development From thematic broadcasts on Sound and Music in Child Development to specific radio shows dealing with the difficulties that children face in childhood and growing up.
The Brain in the Palm of Your Hand A special series of radio shows Dwelling the Networks of Sound (V omrežjih zvoka, Radio Slovenija) is part of The Brain in the Palm of Your Hand and was commissioned in the framework of the B-AIR project
Frekvenca X Sound in the Pulse of the Planet.
Podcast: Deaf Radio Speculations

A radiophonic discussion between musicologist Dana Papachristou and anthropologist Yorgos Samantas on the possibility of a Deaf radio, emerging from their fieldwork on the "Audibility" of sound art, music, and the deaf experience and cultural expression, within a School for Deaf and hard of hearing students.

"On the planet"

A radio story by students of the High-School for Deaf and hard-of-hearing in Argyroupolis, Greece.

Reflections on Audibility - "On the Planet"

3 podcasts & 1 radio show in "Radio Utopia - News from the World" section of "Ball Theatre" / French Pavillion of the 18th Architectural Biennale of Venice

Radiophonic Thursdays

Regional informal redaction of radio enthusiasts that produced an environmental radio play "Vratiće se Valter, nosiće brushalter"

Eko Baraba

Where children shape the radio!

Hotel Emigrants

RadioWalk produced in Rijeka, in collaboration with Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka and Bauhaus University in Weimer

Ubu Ovo Ono (Ubu this, Ubu that)

Radiophonic theatre show based on "Ubu Roi" by Alfred Jarry

Literary Matinee

The Literary Matinee is a radio show where we venture into literary, metaliterary and related landscapes. We host interesting, relevant interlocutors and raise a wide range of questions.