Sound and Music in Child Development

From thematic broadcasts on Sound and Music in Child Development to specific radio shows dealing with the difficulties that children face in childhood and growing up.
Sound and Music in Child Development A series of thematic broadcasts on Young Children's Listening and Responses to Sound as well as on Cognitive and Socio-Emotional Development in the Preschool Years
Conversations of the First Kind

Author: Vesna Ćorović Butrić

The first agreements with regard to the show seemed nice and – easy.
Nice because it is about babies, children, family, therefore, everything that I have been researching, reading and making shows about – for decades.

On Birds and Humans

Author: Vesna Ćorović Butrić

Childhood is not always just easy or all smiles and joy all the time. Childhood and growing up often have their difficult moments, including competing against one’s siblings, not finding one’s way in the adult world… And if there is an additional problem, such as being different in any kind of way, then this could bring about a particular set of difficulties for the child.
But it doesn’t have to be like that.


Author: Vesna Ćorović Butrić

A child comes into this world with the potential for language. Research shows that certain wholes are created in the prenatal period, and that memory stems from those depths.
Crossword takes us through life from the prenatal age to the very end.

Children's First Words

About the first five words of Slovenian children and recommendations for promoting early vocabulary development