The results of partners' collaboration, among other meetings of experts, at symposiums and schools, researching long-term effects of sound and music, will be freely available to professionals and others who are interested, in the form of video-recordings, reports, articles and books. What is already available, are the archives of sound-projects, which further evolved and grew internationally with the help of this project, and lastly, the hospital radio that contributes entertainment, educational, interactive, and relaxing radio content, primarily created for the youngest, older children and youth to offer comfort and calm to those, who feel scared and tensed when they find themselves in a hospital environment.

Cross-disciplinary processes Open-minded, curious and daring artists, scientists and experts from diverse fields collaborate on realizing the potentials of sound to support the development and wellbeing of audiences and beneficiaries.
Evaluation Developing scientific methodologies to evaluate audio works for babies, toddlers and vulnerable groups
Music and medicine Facilitation of the use of music in health care.
Sound of War: Trauma through Sound Research into sound trauma and practices of sonic remembering
Walter Benjamin, the Radio and the Childhood Revisiting Benjamin's writings and radio plays in view of today's radio
Winter School of CRESSON Winter School on Ambiances, Sounds and Spaces
Audibility: Deaf/Sound/Art

What other ways of access to sonic media can we devise when systematically informed by the experience of Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals?

European Evening of Sounds

Sound memories and practices of sonic remembering