Cross-disciplinary processes

Open-minded, curious and daring artists, scientists and experts from diverse fields collaborate on realizing the potentials of sound to support the development and wellbeing of audiences and beneficiaries.

Knowledge is used to ground creativity and creativity to inspire scientific research. Art thus emerges as a research result, and new knowledge as a creative result. From this process, sound and music pieces, performances, installations, exhibitions, lectures and other formats are devised, many of them interactive and participatory. Collaboration of artists, scientists, educators and other experts not only produces complex and multifaceted results, but is a process that is a result in itself, enabling all who are involved to gain important learning, broaden their perspective and build a holistic view onto the needs of young and sensitive audiences.

A Tree That Sang: Research Focus Group

Radiophonic theatre play for children followed by research with the focus group of authors and artists.