With educational webinars, online lectures, workshops, theme-focused expert evenings, radio-phonic content and symposiums in a broader framework of expert conferences, we disseminate knowledge about the relevance and influence of music on human behaviour and health. The content is primarily created with medical staff, scientists, pedagogues, and educators in mind, who are also themselves involved with creating this content because first-hand information on everyday experiences is very important, but next to that it is also available to parents as well as toddlers, children and youth as the so-called end-users.

European Evening of Sounds - workshops Series of radio programmes on sound memories.
Music and medicine Seminars & Lectures & Workshops
Sound and music in child development A series of free-access webinars and workshops dedicated to the theme Sound and Music in Child Development.
Transnational Evening of Sounds Radio Program Promoting social inclusion and agency in later life through sonic remembrance
Audibility, Inclusivity and Sound Art Sound art education and inclusivity for Deaf and hard-of-hearing adolescents.
B-AIR Lab B-AIR LAB 2023, lectures, round tables and seminars on the importance of art and imagination for children's essential development
How can we evaluate creation and listening processes in sound and radio art Assessment methodologies with practical examples of sound and radio artworks for children and students
Radiophonic Thursdays

A weekly online series of research and education workshops.


Soundwalk with students (Rijeka, Croatia)

Soundwalk Composition

Narratives, soundscapes, and maps in "augmented aurality" applications, a lecture by Dana Papachristou and Yorgos Samantas

  • Acoustic heritage