How can we evaluate creation and listening processes in sound and radio art

Assessment methodologies with practical examples of sound and radio artworks for children and students

How to properly evaluate creative and scientific processes in the production of sound and radio art? In the arts, it is hard to quantify and measure the achievements of the process of creation, reception, learning, since the evaluated experiences and outcomes are difficult to assess. Evaluation is thus the least popular but necessary step in all projects, as it is the only way for project teams to record and later present their experiences and results, utilizing them in future activities. The evaluation of artistic achievements tends to employ the method of questions which examine and help appropriately grade the results and lessons gained.

Evaluation of radiophonic plays for the youngest

Katarina Habe, Katarina Zadnik and Katarina Kompan Erzar, University of Ljubljana, (SLO)

Audibility: evaluation of an artwork as an assemblage of materials, concepts, and relations

musicologist and sound artist Dana Papachristou, social anthropologist Yorgos Samantas

Game-based evaluation

Evaluation devoted to making audio art with children as performers

Webinar: How to Evaluate the Processes of Creating and Listening in Sound and Radio Art

Researchers from three partner organizations are showcasing their assessment methodologies, with practical examples of sound and radio art for children and students