From public radio stations to non-governmental organizations. From research institutes to universities. From hospitals to civil institutions for deaf and hearing-impaired, from kindergartens to retirement homes.

Nine partner organizations from seven European countries with Radio Slovenija as the lead partner joined forces in a project, which researches how sound stimuli affect our cognitive, emotional in personality development, in other words, what sound represents to people and the world around them.

So how do the stimuli affect child's cognitive, emotional and personality development that is connected to the so-called “sound-path” (sound, voice, words, music)?

In close collaboration, artists and renowned international experts from fields such as developmental psychology, neurophysiology, neuro-psychology, psycho-acoustics, music therapy, music pedagogy etc. create new radio-phonic and musical content for the youngest and for marginalized groups, as well as offer expertise and develop educational material, which explains in more detail what role sound plays in a man's circle of life.