Sound Art+

Renowned composers, directors and writers were invited to create symphony works, sound installations and radio plays for babies, toddlers, the marginalized and new publics. We enabled experts to create particular programs for specific vulnerable groups, such as sound connections between a mother and her newborn or prematurely born baby in an incubator; we engaged with the idea of using music in preparation for medical examinations and interventions, or for rehabilitation of certain developmental impairments (especially speech impairments); we devised tools for improving access to sound content for the deaf and hearing-impaired, etc. From documentaries to festivals, this section presents materials and results from our efforts to go beyond what is conceived as Sound Art, both in form and organization as well as in the target public and delivery.

Radio Documentary Radio documentaries focusing primarily on the soundscapes of childhood - ranging from prenatal times to the cusp of adulthood.
Sound Installations Three-dimensional site-specific artworks including the sound element
Radiophonic theatre play Sound art practice that extends the established radio drama and documentary form by the use of sonic abstractions.
Radiowalk A new format: the combination of a soundwalk and a theatre performance
Music Connecting scientists and researchers with artists and authors, developng new formats of sound based art for the youngest and vulnerable
Radio drama New radio dramas for babies, toddlers and vulnerable groups
Tangible Radio - Class on Air Exploring radio through vibro-tactility as an expressive medium with Deaf and hard-of-hearing students
Global SpecifiCity To Hear the World/(Za)slišati svet – a B-AIR Festival of Sound from 15th to 18th June 2023 in Ljubljana
Audibility: Deaf/Sound/Art Music, sound art and artistic education and art-making with Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals
Radio Utopia : News from the World

B-AIR has joined forces with the French pavilion at the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale for a week of research and public creation from August 1 to 5, 2023.

Symphony of the Siege an electro-accustic composition and Peace a sound performance

Symphonhy of the Siege by Haris Sahačić and Peace by Mirsada Zećo

Narrating the Siege documentary film

Narrating the Siege by Lejla Odobašić Novo and Emir Klepo

Good night, children!

The open call for fairy tales

Relaxed performance: "Radar"

by Orestis Karamanlis, the Deaf Ensemble and the Transcultural Orcherstra of the Greek National Opera

Radio play Festival Ljubljana: Listening Together

Festival of radio plays for babies and toddlers

Festival of Radio and Sound Art for Children and Youth in Belgrade, Serbia

30.6 - 01.07.2023, Gallery of Radio Belgrade
Production: BAZAART, Representative Association in Culture, and Radio Belgrade, RTS

Theatre Show "WOW!"

Production: BAZAART and the Little Theatre „Duško Radović“

Premiere: 8th December 2022, Belgrade, Serbia

Radio Wega

Giuseppe Gavazza, in collaboration with Alessandro De Cecco


Sebastien De Pertat

Les Sirènes du Drac (Drac River Sirens)

When the Fault-lines of a Territory Ring Out

By AAU_Cresson Quintet (Sebastien Depertat, Marc Higgin, Théo Marchal, juL McOisans, Cédric Pichat)

The Sound That Remains

The Forgotten Atmosphere of Romanesque Churches

By Ona Balló Pedragosa (AAU_Cresson)

Sympathy Radio

Evangelia Paxinou, Nicolas Remy


Tetrapack+ (Students from METS Conservatory of Cuneo), based on an idea by Giuseppe Gavazza

Radio play "Welcome of the World"

A story of growing-up by traveling with the Wind

Written by Bogdan Španjević. Directed by Sunčica Milosavljević.
Performed by Eldar Zupčević and Siniša Marčeta.

Premiere: June 30th 2023