Radio Wega

Giuseppe Gavazza, in collaboration with Alessandro De Cecco

Radio Wega B-AIR is an old valve radio I inherited from my grandmother. When someone approaches it, it turns on and transmits radio broadcasts from the years gone by. Radio Wega is a modified analogue-digital hybrid radio: instead of scrolling through radio wave frequencies, the tuning knob controls a scan between recordings of radio broadcasts of different periods, collected in a playlist arranged chronologically following a palimpsest. Radio Vega: B-AIR navigates through the waves and becomes a sonic time machine.

As a site and time-specific installation, Radio Wega is a prototype that will be designed in specific variations. This version, Radio Wega: B-AIR, features 120 snippets of radio broadcasts, year by year, from Guglielmo Marconi's first broadcast in 1901 to my own field recording of a portable radio recorded on 31 January 2020 in Tissardmine, Moroccan Sahara, in which the news report announces more cases of Coronavirus in China.

Measurements: height = 40 cm, width = 60 cm, depth = 25 cm

Radio Wega was presented during the B-Air events in

Portbou (Walter Benjamin Seminar)

Cuneo Days

Cerisy Days

Radio Utopia