Radio Documentary

Archaeology of children's memories

Author: Marija Ćirić

A radiophonic essay focusing on a bilingual girl’s speech experience and childhood memories. The author used selected fragments of audio material collected over the past years.

Mother-child: “prenatal” conversation

Author: Melina Koljević, Co-author: Vesna Perić

Study of the communication between a mother and her child in prenatal period which explores various themes such as: motives of potential fears, intuitive connection between mother and child, sources of inspiration for communication with the help of music, human voice, conversation, various parental expectations, hopes, beliefs, and viewpoints.

DRP "Loneliness - generations of isolation, wherever you go, every face wears a mask"

I can't even get up in the morning/I come to school wearin' slippers/My old man is howling from the kitchen/Howling old man, confused looks from mum, I went to school in my pajamas

Golden hour: Radio Mom

Author: Vesna Perić

In the show, the guest speaker reveals to us how moms, with her support, create a "womb song" - a personalized song for their baby; how a baby in the womb hears sound; what it looks like and why the birth cry is important; how the baby connects with mom's and dad's voice ; how to provide vocal support to the baby during birth, which for babies is always a traumatic event of leaving the comfortable womb.