Golden hour: Radio Mom

Author: Vesna Perić

In the show, the guest speaker reveals to us how moms, with her support, create a "womb song" - a personalized song for their baby; how a baby in the womb hears sound; what it looks like and why the birth cry is important; how the baby connects with mom's and dad's voice ; how to provide vocal support to the baby during birth, which for babies is always a traumatic event of leaving the comfortable womb.

About the Golden hour: Radio Mom

The interviewee reveals to us the importance of pause and silence, the so-called "golden hour" - the necessary pause immediately after the birth of the baby, when mom and baby should stay alone and connect. Finally, it reminds us that the baby's first and best radio station is mom's voice. The author's inspiration for research in this direction was the discovery of the Instagram page synchronylab_nana, as well as the eponymous educational site of the interlocutor Milijana Nana Majstorović.

Complete text (English version, in pdf)

Music Cue Sheet - GoldenHour-RadioMom


Department • Radio-drama documentary

Written and directed • Vesna Perić

Interlocutor • Milijana Majstorović

Music selection: • Vesna Perić

Sound Mixer • Damir Gođevac

Editor-in Chief of Creative Europe Project on behalf of Radio Belgrade • Nikoleta Dojčinović

Duration • 22' 46''

Premiere • 02/07/2022

Funded by • Radio Television of Serbia

Supported by • the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia


Vesna Perić, PhD is dramatist, screenplay writer, Radio Belgrade Drama Programme Department Editor-in-Chief.
Graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade in 2003, Dramaturgy Department, where she obtained Magister’s degree and then defended her PhD thesis on "Theory of narrative constructions in post-Yugoslav film" at the Department of Film and Media Studies in 2016. As of 2002, she works as a film critic at the Second channel of Radio Belgrade, and as of 2010 as editor in Drama Programme Department. As a representative of Radio Belgrade in PRIX ITALIA festival, she was a member of the Jury in the Radio Drama Category in 2010 and 2019, and in 2021 in the category Documentary Drama and Feature Story. She is the author of 13 radio dramas produced by Radio Belgrade Drama Programme Department. She published film reviews and essays in Culture Column of Politika daily paper (2007 – 2012). She writes screenplays for sitcoms, theatre plays, and short stories which are published in Serbian and foreign magazines. Her play “It’s not her fault” was awarded at the regional contest of the Hartefact Foundation in 2012 and performed for the first time at Bitef Theatre in 2015. As editor-in-chief of Drama Programme Department, she is in charge of producing about 60 radio dramas that are broadcasted by Radio Belgrade each year.