Connecting scientists and researchers with artists / authors, the B-AIR project is contributing to the development of new formats of sound based art for the youngest and the vulnerable, beyond the established genres. They also have a possibility to include the AIR radio facilities as such into their artistic scores.

A special emphasis is paid to establishing groups of scientists and artists, which organically connect with their artistic/research ideas and connect them with target audiences and stakeholders, related to them (parents, educators, decision makers), asking them to cooperate on the creation of artistic work, each contributing creativity/expertise/experience from within their own fields.

This by no means limit artistic freedom. Introducing the primordiality of sound through babies and toddler's perception into serious artistic consideration, we intend to open up ground for the reconsideration of contemporary musical styles. We closely monitor how these new formats of sound art works are relating to B-AIR target audiences, developing specific monitoring tools for that purpose.