Radio drama

Focusing on the effects that artistic content, disseminated via the audio path (sound, voice, word, music) has on the cognitive, emotional and personal development, from an early age onwards, recognized and awarded authors of different generations, inspired by scientific research, create new works for babies, toddlers and vulnerable groups. They also have a possibility to include the AIR radio facilities as such into their artistic scores.

Emerging – Mythology – Drmudash

Author: Predrag D. Stamenković

Folk singer and narrator Svetlana Stević-Vukosavlјević tells folk tales, magic spells, tongue twisters and sings lullabies as a radiophonic version of Drmudash – pre-Christian, Slavic deity who used songs, lullabies and stories to put kids to sleep and take them to the fantastic realm of dreams.

Emerging – Te-Ri-Rem

Author: Predrag D. Stamenković

Radiophonic, music-rhetorical prayer Emerging – Te-Ri-Rem is a story of origin of the Christianity presented through a kind of triptych audio fresco about the Nativity of Theotokos and the Ever-Virgin Mary, of the Holy Glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist, John, and of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Kaja is Going to the Hospital

A radio play for hospitalized children

A Podcast Radio Serial for Children

A podcast for children age 5 to 10 as a detective-science children's radiophonic series.

How we grow up while listening to the radio

Author: Melina Koljević

Documentary-feature programme “Growing up to the sound of the radio” explores the contents that make radio interesting to the children of today, but also what radio meant for us, adults, in the period of early childhood and youth.