A Podcast Radio Serial for Children

A podcast for children age 5 to 10 as a detective-science children's radiophonic series.

Release date - December 2022!

Part of the material for the series will be shot in the studio, and part in exteriors in various parts of the city of Zagreb.
The director of the series will be Biserka Vučković, and the text will be written in collaboration with Pavlica Bajsić.
The main roles will be voiced by Sven Medvešek and Jelena Miholjević. Part of the voices for the roles will be given by children.

Main positive characters:
Petrica the Pooh: the descendant of the famous Petrica Kerempuh, a famous fighter for justice, sends text messages to all animals and calls them to rise up against the eco-villains.
Owl Mira: according to the old Croatian legend, Mirohrana Diva, the bringer of night and peaceful sleep, whose mantle is covered with stars, symbolizes the night sky.
Main negative characters:
Eko Baraba: descendant of Bjesomor, a demonic being, son of Morana.
Morana: According to legend, an evil old witch who gives children bad dreams. In this series, she is also the mother of Eko Baraba, but she plays a nice lady, and in fact, her real name is the evil Baba Yaga. She is the main culprit that her son is such a villain.

All characters in the series have names from classic Croatian literature, Croatian myths and legends, etc., so that children can learn something in a fun way. From an owl, of course.
Each episode in the series ends with some terrible problem, which must be solved in the next episode.