Participatory radio play for babies: the topic of this „psycho-energetic“ radio play is a discussion between a baby, a frog and a bird.

Čebljanje - Chatter, Foto Adrian Pregelj-0488

The topic of this „psycho-energetic“ radio play is a discussion between a baby, a frog and a bird.

This piece focuses on sound creation by little babies. Its relevance thus lies in the performing of words and the 'music' created in this process, and not in what these child(ish) words literally mean.

Its poetic fundamental assumption is the premise that children and animals may understand each other's language. Children and animals can communicate on a level that is inaccessible to adults. A child can enter this dialogue using their non-verbal and nonsensical chatter.

The literal meaning of syllables, this “chitter-chatter ”, is not meant for exchanging proper words and messages but rather it is an energetic sound exchange.

An adult, who listens to the radio play together with a child, meanwhile animates the child. The adult can repeat words and syllables from the play and this can motivate the child to engage more. The adult can show the child different objects, explain some terms, distances and other things talked about in the play. Before listening, the adult also gets short instructions, which explain how to engage the child with the help of this sound work.


Čebljanje - Chitter-Chatter Libretto

Čebljanje - Chitter-Chatter Description for Adults

Short clip from the Children's and Toddlers' Radio Games Festival (video author Igor Velše)



Concept, design and development of the text • Irena Pivka

Concept and design, composition, sound production, post-production and mastering • Brane Zorman

Production: • Radio Slovenija 3rd Program – Program Ars