Musical Kitchen

A spoon becomes baby's first musical instrument and your kitchen a concert stage.

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We're inviting you to not only listen but also actively engage - accompany the piece or improvise with the help of graphic musical score that includes suggestions how parents and children can actively participate (Graphic musical score). But you can also just listen to the radio play. Maybe just once, or maybe you listen to it again and again.

The spoken, rational language is preceded by the language of intonation, rhythm, different registers and melody. It is the sound stimulation, consisting of music, words, phonemes and the sound of objects in the environment that has a significant impact on a child's early emotional, cognitive, social and motor development. Musical Kitchen is a radio play for babies and toddlers from 6 to 18 months old. Its theme are baby's early rituals when learning to seat at a dinning table and combines realistic sounds from an everyday kitchen environment with elements of electro-acoustic composition, creating a stimulative music composition accompanied by a text, narrated by actress Maja Kunšič.

Target audience are babies and toddlers in sensory-motor phase, which developmental psychology defines as a period in a child's life, when they learn about the world with the help of activities that engage and stimulate their senses. Parents or caregivers play an important role in this process as they represent a model for the toddler's interaction with the outside world. Therefore, we are inviting you to take a look at the graphic musical score, which you can find on our website, and use it while listening to the play with your baby. With singing, playing with objects, verbal imitations, improvisation and other forms of spontaneous engagement your kitchen can become a concert stage. And the spoon your baby's first ever instrument.

Make the listening playful, creative, be open-minded and let it be your ear into the world.

Radio play was produced as part of B-AIR research project. Premiere broadcasting will include a talk with the author of the text and play's director Tajda Lipicer, composer and the author of original music Alenja Pivka Kneževič and expert adviser dr. Katarina Habe. Take a listen.


Glasbena kuhija - Partitura (Slovene)

Musical kitchen - Score (English)

Musical kitchen - Libretto (English)


Katarina Habe

Katarina Zadnik

Katarina Kompan Erzar

Musical kitchen in other languages

Broadcast on Radio Vrteška - November 3, 2023 - The premiere of the show “Music kitchen”, RTV Slo


Author of the text and Director • Tajda Lipicer

Composer and Author of original music • Alenja Pivko Kneževič

Interpreter • Maja Kunšič

Expert advisors • Saška Rakef, dr. Katarina Zadnik, dr. Katarina Habe, dr. Katarina Kompan Erzar

Sound Engineer • Urban Gruden

External Collaborator • Žiga Hren

Production • Radio Slovenija 3rd Program – Program Ars

Media coverage

Presentation at Avdiofestival 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Avdiofestival 2022 Program

Presentation at B-AIR CUNEO Days 2022, Cuneo, Italy

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