Emerging – Mythology – Drmudash

Author: Predrag D. Stamenković

Folk singer and narrator Svetlana Stević-Vukosavlјević tells folk tales, magic spells, tongue twisters and sings lullabies as a radiophonic version of Drmudash – pre-Christian, Slavic deity who used songs, lullabies and stories to put kids to sleep and take them to the fantastic realm of dreams.

Drmudash: Predrag D. Stamenković,  Milan Filipović

About the Emerging – Mythology – Drmudash

Drmudash – pre-Christian, Slavic deity who used songs, lullabies and stories to put kids to sleep and take them to the fantastic realm of dreams. Besides the mythological entry Drmudash, the show narrates of other mythological creatures from the Slavic Pantheon ‒ about fairies, sudzhenitsas, Fairy Mother, with an abundance of folk traditions related to the childbirth and the first forty days of the child’s life.

Folk singer and narrator Svetlana Stević-Vukosavlјević tells folk tales, magic spells, tongue twisters and sings lullabies аnd everything is luxuriously arranged by using radiophonic effects and shaped in a certain radiophonic composition in the music form of rondo.

Through free artistic transposition, the show reconstructs and processes mythological tales, folk traditions, and songs by using the radiophonic method, followed by natural and ritual effects.

The play also incorporates parts of original compositions by:

  • sculptor Vladimir Labat – VOCAL IMPROVISATIONS WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC SCULPTURE, interpreted by the author
  • composer Vladimir Tošić ‒ ENDURANCE, interpreted by Academic Woman’s Choir „Collegium Musicum” conducted by Darinka Matič Marovič;
  • composer Mirjana Živković ‒ BASMA for voice and four kettledrums, interpreted bу mezzo-soprano Aleksandra Ivanović and percussionist Srdjan Palacković, and
  • composer Petar Ozgijan ‒ INSTRUMENTAL SONGS, interpreted by Academic Women’s Choir „Collegium Musicum” conducted by Darinka Matič Marovič.

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Music Cue Sheet - Emerging-Mythology-Drmudash

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Series • Radionica zvuka (Sound Workshop)

Duration • 31' 52''

Author, Music Associate, Director and Editor • Predrag D. Stamenković, MA

Sound Designers • Milan Filipović, Zoran Jerković

Coordinator of B-AIR project for Radio Beograd – RTS • Nikoleta Dojčinović

Singers and Narrators • Svetlana Stević, Predrag D. Stamenković, MA

Materials from the show • Ethnological and ethnomusicological studies by Slobodan Zečević, Veselin Čajkanović, Svetlana Stević and Serbian Mythological Dictionary – recorded in Studio 8 of Drama Program Department for the purpose of the show

Premiere • March 28th, 2021, Radio Beograd 3

Translator • Nataša Vujnović

Funded by: Public Service media Radio Television of Serbia, Radio Belgrade Drama Programme Department

Supported by: the Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia


Predrag D. Stamenković, MA, is a composer and conductor, external music associate of Drama Department in Radio Beograd since 1982, music editor of Beograd 202 program of Radio Beograd since 1984, full-time music associate since 1985, and music editor of Drama Program of Radio Beograd since 1988.
Editor of the series “Radionica zvuka” (Sound Workshop) since 2001, and from 2005. to 2010. also, editor-in-chief of the Drama Program of Radio Beograd.
His solo, chamber, choral and orchestral compositions have been performed in Serbia and abroad. He was also a vocal and instrumental soloist of the music group “Musica Antiqua”, where he specialized in Medieval and Renaissance music. He performed with the ensemble in more than a hundred concerts in country and abroad. He recorded numerous music tracks for radio and TV and published many audio-cassettes, LP records, and CDs with religious and choral music, poetry, and radio-dramas. He arranged and edited music for over 600 radio-dramas, many of which represented Radio Beograd at numerous radio diffusion festivals where he received several rewards. He’s a founder and art director of (1995‒2016) the Religious Music Festival “Horovi medju freskama” (Choirs among Frescoes) in Belgrade. As a conductor of Women’s Choir “Javor gusle” from Shid and Mixed Choir “Pokrov Presvete Bogorodice” from Surchin, Belgrade he received silver and gold medals and special accolades on international choral festivals in country and abroad. In 2014. he received GRAMATOM from His Holiness Patriarch Mr. Irinej of Serbia for the contribution to the Serbian Orthodox Religious Music. In 2015. he received GRAMATOM from Bishop of Srem Mr. Vasilije for his work with Mixed Choir from Surchin and ZLATNI BEOČUG of the Cultural-educational community of the City of Belgrade for the contribution to the culture of the city and the state. In 2016. he received the award ZLATNI MIKROFON of Radio Beograd for complete works in the field of radiophonic.

Svetlana Stević-Vukosavljević is a Serbian vocal soloist and national artist.
Svetlana is one of the most prominent performers, researchers and custodians of ancient Serbian musical folklore. During her career, she has been engaged in research work in the field of ancestral culture in Homolje - Eastern Serbia, for more than 35 years. As a gifted singer of the original (traditional) Serbian song, in 1976, she became a soloist of Radio Belgrade and since then she has left a large opus of permanent recordings to the sound archive of Radio Belgrade. In the same year, she became an associate on several shows of Radio Belgrade: "Autobus u pola šest“ (Bus at half past five), "Svanovnik", "Od zlata jabuka" and "Riznica", in which she is still an associate. In 2009, she received a special award given to artists for their top contribution to the national culture of the Republic of Serbia.