Theatre Show "WOW!"

Production: BAZAART and the Little Theatre „Duško Radović“

Premiere: 8th December 2022, Belgrade, Serbia

WOW Poster Image

This is a story about the visible and the invisible, tangible and intangible, audible and inaudible.
A story about discovering the world around us through the creation of a fantasy world.
A game where the two worlds merge and become life.
The game that is important for all children and for all adults.

The theatre show "WOW!" was created within the program "Welcome of the World", which BAZAART is developing through the collaborative European project B-AIR.

The program concept "Welcome of the world" promotes the pedagogical power of art in the development of the child. At the core of the concept lies the cooperation of pedagogues and artists on the development of artistic content intended for the audience of early age, with the aim of establishing and strengthening the role of art in the upbringing and education of young generations and providing support to cultural professionals for intersectoral cooperation.

Through this project, we support an open, active, exploratory attitude of a child between the ages of 3 and 5, towards the world. Through artistic programs, we encourage the dispositions of the child for learning about the world and in the world: curiosity, courage, persistence, creativity, critical thinking and sensitivity for the others.

Following the contemporary music composition by Irena Popović and the poetic narrative by Bogdan Španjević, this show brings the concept "Welcome of the World" to theatrical expression, creating foundations for the steps to follow: creative drama and dance workshops for preschool children and a poetic radio play.

The authors of the show:

Director: Miha Golob

Assistant director: Marijana Petrović

Stage designers: Jelena Stojanović, Miha Golob

Costume designer: Dajana Ljubičić

Sound designer: Dragan Petrović

Light designer: Paun Pavlović

Performers: Tatjana Piper Stanković, Lana Adžić, Maja Jovanović Spasojević, Miloš Anđelković, Mladen Vuković

Illustration by Jelena Stojanović

The team of artists and pedagogues engaged in the development of the concept:

Sunčica Milosavljević, concept author and artistic director

Nevena Mitranić, pedagogue;

Marija Jovanović, preschool teacher

Bogdan Španjević, dramaturge

Irena Popović, composer

Ana Čorić, music pedagogue

Nataša Milojević, drama and dance pedagogue

Jelena Stojanović, artistic coordinator

The production is supported by the European Commission through the Creative Europe program and by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia.