European Evening of Sounds - workshops

Series of radio programmes on sound memories.

Activities in this series of radio programmes focus on sound memories by paying special attention to acts of remembering and how sound memories are narrated. They include inserts from Evening of Sounds program broadcasts at Finnish Broadcasting company since 2013 and the aim is to further develop the concept and practices of electro-acoustic community, which comes together during the three-hour live broadcast, comprised of studio hosts and the audience. Evening of Sounds series pays special attention to the cultural, social and aesthetic nature of sound requests by the callers, comparing them to music call-ins in sharing music and experiences related to them. The series wants to raise awareness of Europe’s common history and values by enhancing the understanding of its acoustic heritage. One important objective of the activities is promoting the agency as well as social inclusion of the oldest group of radio listeners who fall between the so-called third and fourth age in Europe. While reaching “fourth age” in the past meant solely that the old person has become frail and dependent, we are convinced that this does not necessarily mean that she or he has no significance anymore in society. People may also move back and forth between the third and fourth age (see Grenier, A.: Transitions and the Lifecourse : Challenging the Constructions of 'Growing Old' 2012). Lastly, the series contributes to social inclusion and agency of exactly the population living in this stage of their life.

Workshops for European Evening of Sounds

February 2022 online meeting and May 2022 workshop in Slovenia.

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