Soundwalk Composition

Narratives, soundscapes, and maps in "augmented aurality" applications, a lecture by Dana Papachristou and Yorgos Samantas

The lecture was focused on audiowalking, tracing the genealogy of today's practice via GPS back to the literature of walking as an artistic and intellectual process, as well as the first steps of Acoustic Ecology, and individual mobile listening technologies. Addressing the fine line between space, place, location and territory, the lecture looked into various aspects of the public and private, as dwelling, knowing and narrative domains. Some emphasis on walking methods of research techniques, departing from promenadology, and psychogeographic derive, to attentive listening, mapping and scoring guided the discussion. Exemplifying from practice with Akoo-o group, as well as other examples worldwide, the lecture contemplated on the character of audiowalking as narrative, design, composition, or/and a relational aesthetic practice.

The lecture was open to on-line participants

Dec 5th, 2022 at 07:00 PM Athens >> 06:00 PM Ljubljana/CET

You can watch the recording here:

The lecture was organised by Radio Slovenia in collaboration with Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television and Faculty of Arts.