Radiophonic Thursdays

A weekly online series of research and education workshops.

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Regular online educational sessions on documentary radio making - 11 editions, attended by regional (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina) radio makers from small and independent or student radio stations - 12 -25 members.

Local and international radio artists have, in these 11 sessions, shared their radio experience, as well as their (published or not) radio work. Pavlica Bajsić represented her own and the work of Zvonimir Bajsić, Croatians’ first documentary radio maker; Marta Medvešek, a young Croatian audio artist, shared her experience from the making of “Fly or Die” - a Prix Europa winner of 2021; Darko Rundek and Davor Rocco, Croatian musicians, shared their radio dramas from the beginning of their careers… Our radiomakers, attendants of Radiophonic Thursdays, had the opportunity of connecting with some international radio artists: Kari Hesthamar, winner of Grand Prix Europe played her “So long Marianne” - an audio story about Leonard Cohen’s greatest love; Phil Smith, a regular contributor to Short Cuts on BBC Radio 4, known also as the author of Jazz Dis-junction for NTS radio, played a number of his short radio pieces, and RadioTeatars’ B-Air partners from Greece, Dana Papachristou and Yorgos Samantas, did a presentation on audibilty and their socially engaged art practices.


Radio Roža (Rijeka), Radio Rojc (Pula), Radio Student (Zagreb), KLFM (Split), Radio Plac (Subotica), Abraš radio (Mostar).

List of editions

  • 11th of February 2021, guest: Ljubica Letinić, theme: radio reportage
  • 18th of February 2021, guest: Pavlica Bajsić, soundscape project, r. m. schaffer
  • 25th of February 2021, theme: Zvonimir Bajsić’s radio drama "Zbogom” predstavljanje
  • 11.3. 2021, theme: listening to Kari Hesthamar’s  "So long Marianne", Norwegian Radio, winner of Grand Prix Europe
  • 18.3. 2021, guest: Agata Juniku, presentation of LIGNA grupa 
  • 25.3. 2021, guests: Darko Rundek and Davor Rocco "Ancient trilogy" and two documentary radio dramas
  • 15.4. 2021, guest: Marta Medvešek, who five years ago went through our education called "Radio Koji Je Tu Prije Radio" in Zagreb. In the meantime, she worked in Berlin for the Prix Europa festival, and is now a freelance podcaster. She still lives in Berlin, from where she will contact us on Thursday and take us through some of her favorite radio drama documentaries, as well as some of her smaller forms. Author of "Fly or Die" - a Prix Europa winner od 2021.
  • 6.5. 2021, guest: Edwin Brys, a founder of the Radio Feature Masterclass school at the European Broadcasting Union. 
  • 16.6.2021, guest: Phil Smith, who works with words, music, sound, and radio. He is a regular contributor to Short Cuts on BBC Radio 4 and has hosted and produced Jazz Dis-junction on NTS Radio for ten years. He has also made a number of collaborative projects composed of found photography, voice, piano and field recordings. Some of these experiments found shape as a band called "They’re Called Hands’. Alongside these projects, Phil also records intimate solo jazz sessions featuring original compositions, jazz standards and improvisations. Phil also experiments with speech-songs, radio collages and poetry, some of which have been presented at international conferences and aired on national radio stations.
  • 11.11.2021, guests: Marta Medvešek and Dražen Krešić, listening to  "Fly or die" and "Get square"
  • 18.11.2021, guests: Dana Papachristou and Yorgos Samantas, theme: a presentation on audibility, inviting discussion on aspects of sound art as a socially engaged art practice, on approaches of the inaudible, and a fieldwork in progress.