Workshops in hospitals

Earlet the Gnome and the Mysterious Door - Workshops

In the final phase of the B-Air project, we tested a radio play for children titled "Earlet the Gnome and the Mysterious Door" in collaboration with the Ivan Goran Kovačić Elementary School in Zagreb. The school's teachers conduct classes in the Srebrnjak Children's Hospital. For evaluation, we used action research to explore which meeting formats and types of materials are suitable for use in the given hospital context. Teaching in hospital schools is more similar to individual instructions than regular classes; groups change every day, and most teaching materials must be prepared for self-learning and facilitated in a specific way. Children in hospital school groups are mixed, unpredictable, and highly heterogeneous (varying in age from preschool to 13 years old). During the project evaluation, the group consisted of children who were still learning to read (5-7 years old), prompting our evaluator Ana Čorić to use "Patuljak Sluško" in the form of a workshop.


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