Lectures and Workshops

Conducted and envisioned by a collaborator of RadioTeatar: Ana Čorić

Ana Čorić has become a permanent collaborator of RadioTeatar through her work on the B-Air project. As an evaluator, author of numerous project presentations, and leader of various workshops and research in hospitals, she has elevated the B-Air project to an entirely new level with her work, especially in working with various marginalized and/or vulnerable groups.

One of the mentioned presentations, accompanied by the workshop titled "On Both Sides of the Screen: Digital Steps of Concert and Opera Halls towards a New Audience," was held in collaboration with the project partner BAZAART from Belgrade. In this presentation, Ana showcased the process of art-based research with children actively participating in the radio theatrical play "War of the Worlds," created and performed during the pandemic by RadioTeatar Bajsić and friends. In this theatrical play, children co-created sounds live on stage, using various everyday objects to produce sounds in interaction with the actors. As an extension of their sound improvisation on stage, a memory game was created as a research tool that complements the ethnographic approach to research immediately after the theatrical performance. During the presentation, the focus was on both the process and the product of the research, encouraging colleagues to use play as a method of learning and teaching, an artistic and research method.

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