Music and Medicine

B-AIR SOUNDINGS: About the Impact of Music on People

A series of radio interviews with eminent guests and experts on the benefits of music in medicine, led by Prim. Igor Mihael Ravnik, MD. Its intention is to disseminate knowledge, experience, examples of good practice and promote adopting music as a helpful tool in healthcare in order to increase awareness about the positive impact music can have on the society.

The interviews touch upon a broad range of topics in conversations with numerous experts, such as: Music and Brain (Stefan Koelsch), Mozart's K 448 Sonata and Epilepsy (Ivan Rektor), Introducing Music Therapy in Central Europe (Darko Breitenfeld), Music Education and Music Therapy (Giuseppe Pino Poclen, Vali Glavič Tretnjak), Early Experience with Music Therapy in Pediatric Hemato-Oncology and Persons with Dementia (Mihaela Kavčič), First steps Into the World of Sound and Music (Katarina Kompan Erzar), Neurocardiology and Music (Uroš Kovačič).

Prim. Igor M. Ravnik, MD, is a Pediatric Specialist who's worked at home and abroad, and acquired experience in clinical practice, research and pedagogical work as a child neurologist and epileptologist within the Slovenian League Against Epilepsy (Liga proti epilepsiji Slovenije). Moreover, his whole life he's been actively engaged with music so three decades ago he was also gave the initiative to establish Ljubljana Medical Orchestra.

About Music and Epilepsy

Neurology Professor at Masaryk University in Brno (Slovakia) Ivan Rektor about the impact of music on epilepsy and our brain

A Look at the History of Relationships Between Medicine and Music

In conversation with Professor Dr. Darko Breitenfeld, internationally acclaimed social psychiatrist, alcohologist and one of the pioneers of Musicotherapy in Europe

From Musical Education to Musical Animation and Musicotherapy

A conversation with musical therapist Giuseppe Pino Poclen and his assistant, neuropsychologist Professor Vali Glavič Tretnjak, about their workshops devoted to Musicotherapy

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