On the Positive Effects of Music in the Easing of Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Music and rhythm are closely linked to movement, and so music interventions could be targeted to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, which affects motor skills to the greatest extent. The B-AIR project participants, psychologists Ana Kuder and Manca Kok, musician Jaka Škapin, neurologists Dejan Geórgiev and Igor M. Ravnik, and B-AIR project leader Saška Rakef, wished to investigate the current use of music in Parkinson's disease in Parkinson's patients and their attitudes towards the use of music in the healthcare system, or towards participation in further research on the possible effects of music interventions on alleviating Parkinson's disease symptoms. The Trepetlika Association (Association of patients with Parkinsonism and other extrapyramidal disorders) also took part in the research, which was followed by a pilot implementation of a movement-vocal improvisation workshop for people with Parkinson's disease, led by artist and musician Jaka Škapin. After the workshop, he produced a radio documentary which we are premiering on B-AIR Soundings. Ahead of it, in a conversation with Anamarija Štukelj Cusma, Ana Kuder, MSc in psychology will tell us more about the research.

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