The Body – a Clock Ticking With Music

The broadcast Body – A Clock Ticking with Music is part of the B-AIR Soundings series, where we discuss the use of music in the healthcare context with relevant professionals. In this week’s episode, Manca Kok, MSc in psychology, who presented the B-AIR project at the seventh edition of the Neuromusic conference focusing on the theme of “connecting with music across the lifespan”, talked to three experts who had also showcased their recent research projects at the conference. Through the conversation they explored how we listen to music, how we would listen to it differently without our bodies, and what role the heart plays in this as our permanent rhythm-keeper. With new discoveries in this field, we can better understand how music stimulates excitement or movement in the body, or, on the contrary, calms and slows it down. The findings have key applications in health contexts, where music may be used to relieve stressful medical procedures or to promote movement in movement disorders.