On the Interaction Between Humans and Computers While Making Music

Associate professor dr. Matevž Pesek is a teacher and researcher at the Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics, University of Ljubljana. Since 2009 he is also a member of the Computer Graphics and Multimedia Laboratory. His research interests include models derived from biology, deep architecture including hierarchical modelling, human-computer interaction, multimodal sensing and intelligent user interfaces, music generation and visualisations for audio analysis. In a conversation with head physician Igor M. Ravnik, M.D., dr. Pesek presents human-computer interaction when working with music. He explains how music is turned into digitised – mathematically manageable material which is then modelled, analysed, played with and packaged into conclusions that, when translated back into the world of human perception and music performance, yield perceptually and practically interesting results. For example, by generating music or, as in the case of the Trubadur project, helping music students train their aural skills with melodic and rhythmic dictations.