Fondazione Mariani, Institute for Children’s Neurology

In the B-AIR Soundings cycle, we present an Italian foundation dedicated to children's neurology called Fondazione Pierfranco e Luisa Mariani. It was founded in Milan with charitable funding from the Mariani family. It is dedicated to the whole spectrum of diseases and disorders in child neurology, starting with care and professional support of sick children and their families in diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation, up to the training of personnel in the Italian healthcare system and the teaching of professional topics in Italian and international circles. The Foundation is also involved in supporting research, where particular emphasis is given to brain research in relation to music. Due to the proximity and high level of expert events, the Foundation has also played an important role in the education of the middle and older generation of Slovenian pediatricians – child neurologists. This time, the guests of head physician Igor M. Ravnik, M.D., are musicologist dr. Maria Majno and pediatric neurologist and neurophysiologist M.D. Luisa Lopez.