Podcast: Deaf Radio Speculations

A radiophonic discussion between musicologist Dana Papachristou and anthropologist Yorgos Samantas on the possibility of a Deaf radio, emerging from their fieldwork on the "Audibility" of sound art, music, and the deaf experience and cultural expression, within a School for Deaf and hard of hearing students.

The show was initially aired as part of an 18hr long radio stream on Archipel.community radio, Marseilles, March 29th 2022, curated by Monai de Paula Antunes. It was re-broadcasted by movement.radio Athens; 88.4 FM Berlin; and 90.7 Potsdam. This is the live recording of the broadcast.

Available on mixcloud

The tracklist was compiled and the show was produced by Yorgos Samantas and Dana Papachristou, as part of their research on musical and sound art approaches on the Deaf experience and cultural representations, within “Audibility” project. The material contained therein is in support of the educational and the research analysis and dissemination. No copyright infringement intended. All track rights reserved to the artists listed below. Special thanks to Tatiana Remoundou and Lambros Pigounis for the bestowal of unpublished material.

  1. Caption America (excerpt) - Christine Sun Kim
  2. I've got the music in me - Emilia Jones, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, CODA Choir
  3. Polish Mass - Artur Żmijewski
  4. Αισθάνομαι ("I feel", from "Deaf Voices", excerpt) - Tatiana Remoundou
  5. Spaceape - Burial ft. the Spaceape
  6. Entelecheia, by Olga Hans – performed by Evelyn Glennie & Dominik Połoński
  7. Slicing, by Pablo Carrascosa – performed by Roser Gabriel Pla
  8. Hijack - Lambros Pigounis