Ubu Ovo Ono (Ubu this, Ubu that)

Radiophonic theatre show based on "Ubu Roi" by Alfred Jarry

In cooperation with the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, RadioTeatar co-produced the radio play "Ubu Ovo Ono", a graduation exam for the study of production of stage and performing arts. The performance is the result of research and work by authors and performers from radio, theater, music and film arts who combine theater, radio and music practice on stage. One of the performances will be broadcasted on online platforms, the goal of this activity is to convey performance art through film language. In the performance, radio is taken as an equal character in the plot with recordings of radio drama fragments, and it also represents the sound backdrop of the play by creating live sound atmospheres on the stage. The experimental artistic approach to the entire program is created by the director, writer, producer, all the actors and the rest of the author's team who are under 30 years old and are mostly independent artists, independent artists and students.

Ubu Ovo Ono

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