Radiophonic Thursdays

Regional informal redaction of radio enthusiasts that produced an environmental radio play "Vratiće se Valter, nosiće brushalter"

The regional editorial office of the documentary radio drama Radiophonic Thursday is a solidarity and professional union of radiophonists that was launched at the beginning of the B-AIR program. Radio Teatar organized regular online educational and collaboration sessions on documentary radio making, in 11 editions and attended by regional (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina) radio makers from small and independent or student radio stations (12-25 members). Collaborators were Radio Roža (Rijeka), Radio Rojc (Pula), Radio Student (Zagreb), KLFM (Split), Radio Plac (Subotica), Abraš radio (Mostar), Kanal 77 (Skopje),

Radiophonic Thursdays were imagined as a regional informal school of radio-documentaries, bringing younger/less experienced radio professionals together with experienced and established colleagues from different european countries. Sessions included listening parts with discussions, hosted by Pavlica Bajsic Brazzoduro. Some of the sessions included authors, who would present their work. First phase aimed to connect, and to provide education, the next phase was working collaboration. So in 2022 RadioTeatar produced a radio documentary “Vratiće se Valter, nosiće brushalter”by Szabolcz Tolnai, and had been transmitted 13 times through our regional platform of small radio stations and received great feedback.

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