Tree That Sang for heard-of-hearing

After a five-day specialized education in verbotonal method provided by SUVAG (specialized education, developed by Petar Guberina, used as a rehabilitation method in this school) and adjusting the theater play The Tree That Sang for SUVAG, we conducted 5-day workshops with children and their teachers, with an aim to develop listening exercises based on the sound art and mediation of radio plays (Sluško the Dwarf) and theater play. Children actively engaged during the theater play and in the follow-up workshop. Every follow-up workshop, as well as the theater play itself, finished with a simulating concert performance. As one of the practical results of the research we wanted to develop multisensorial and multimodal exercises that can be facilitated by teachers in kindergartens and schools. The exercises were tried-out with children in Elementary Schools SUVAG in the weeks after they watched the play itself. Preliminary results were presented in the 8th International Symposium of Music Pedagogues at Music Academy, University of Juraj Dobrila in Pula.

Tree that sang for heard-of-hearing

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