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RadioWalk produced in Rijeka, in collaboration with Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka and Bauhaus University in Weimer

In 2021 in the peak of COVID, Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro started a collaboration with students from Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka (dpt Acting & Media) and Bauhaus University in Weimer (students of experimental TV, prof. Jakob Hüfner) trying to combine experiences of radiowalk concept with virtual reality. Bauhaus students were in charge of the VR, and students from Rijeka for writing and recording part of the soundwalk. The project was entitled “Life Jacket”. The writings, audio recordings and illustrations were to be finished by students. The final part was planned to happen live. Due to Covid restrictions it was impossible to finish. This is where her sound adventures in Rijeka met B-Air - the outcomes of their meet up is available for listening below:

Outcomes of such project were great. Students from both cities had an incredible opportunity to collaborate on such an experimental combination of radiowalk and VR. Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro was invited to propose a curriculum on radio art for the Academy in Rijeka and was promoted to the position of assistant professor. Researcher Ana Čorić implemented insights from the B-air project directly into her lectures at the Academy of Music, University of Zagreb: lecture and exercises in Sound pedagogy and Radio in Music Education in the 5th year of study (curriculum of subject: Topics in Music Education and the Society); lecture and exercises introducing soundscape, cityscape, sound pedagogy, and soundart for babies in curricula of subjects Music Repertoire in Educational Contexts (3rd and 4th year of study) and Basic of Music Education (2nd year of study) Music Education & The Society.

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