Literary Matinee

The Literary Matinee is a radio show where we venture into literary, metaliterary and related landscapes. We host interesting, relevant interlocutors and raise a wide range of questions.

Four fairy tales by selected Slovenian authors are a part of the B-AIR project, a hospital radio programme aimed at toddlers, children and adolescents who find themselves in hospital for a short or long period for various health reasons. Their artistic content has been chosen to make the children's hospital stay easier and reduce their fear and tension. They are given a unique charm by the radiophonic treatment, which the selected Ars artists supervised under the direction of Saška Rakef. In the series entitled "Fairytale December", Radio Slovenia listeners had the opportunity to listen to one of them every Wednesday and have a short conversation with its author.

Is it essential to stand in the right place in life? And what and where is the right place? Why is it good to look at things from different angles? The Literary Matinee featured a conversation with Anja Štefan and a presentation of her fairy tale, The Bear and the Hat.

Each person lives a little differently; each differs from the others: some are braver, others less brave, some more generous, others more distressed, some happy and playful, and others more reserved. But all of us are in need at some time or another, and it is the most incredible relief when someone comes to our rescue, just as Pikec came to Petra's rescue.

With Gaja Kos, writer, translator, editor, critic and PhD in youth literature, we thought about superheroes, more and less fairytale worlds, the flaws of youth literature and much more.

Can fairy tales make you sick? They can, and not only that, but they can also break their legs and arms! The Heroic Fairy Tale, which was brought to life in radio form under the direction of Saška Rakef Perko, has more to say about this and why they can have such accidents. We talk to its author, poet, writer, translator and literary historian, Dr Petr Svetina, about other fairy tale questions, but also more serious ones.