Frekvenca X

Sound in the Pulse of the Planet.

Frekvenca X is a popular science radio show on Radio Slovenia's 2nd program – Val 202. The show takes its audience into the universe of exciting questions and discoveries of modern science that are currently most preoccupying researchers, in their heads and their laboratories. From natural sciences, medicine and astronomy, to social sciences and humanities. The first show was broadcast in 2009, followed to this day by over 600 episodes. Frekvenca X is also one of the first Slovenian radio shows to achieve success as a podcast, ranking among Radio Slovenia's most popular podcasts. In the frame of the international project B-AIR, we are addressing the audience with a cycle of shows dedicated to sound, its aspects and importance in the life of human beings and the pulse of the world. The first cycle, titled Sounds, reflects the research themes of the 9th Winter School: vulnerabilities and sounds, the listening experience.

City Soundscapes

Sounds, part one.

Noise at the Construction Site

Sounds, part two.

Exploring Sonic Memories

Sound Has its Power, part 1

The Changing Sound Ecosystems

Sound Has its Power, part 2

The Lively Sounds of Nature

Sound Has its Power, part 3

A Soundwalk Along the Spanish-French Border

Sound Has its Power, part 4