Noise at the Construction Site

Sounds, part two.

Slovenia is constantly under construction. According to some estimates, several thousand apartments are currently being built just in Ljubljana. Construction is accompanied by many sounds, especially noise of various frequency and loudness. On a construction site, we examined which sounds are most disturbing for the workers and how they protect themselves. Quality of life in the neighbourhood is affected both by large construction projects and finishing works, as well as renovations in apartments and houses. Which is the loudest, and which is the most harmful sound? How does Slovenia manage sound ecology and sound monitoring? How to decrease the sonic burden?

Guests: occupational medicine specialist dr. Metoda Dodič Fikfak, doctoral student of architecture Mailys Toussaint, neurologist dr. Sandra Morović, site manager Zoran Stepić

Authors: Luka Hvalc, Neža Borkovič

First broadcast date: 18.11.2022

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