Dolphins are Bothered by Underwater Noise

Sounds, part four.

Noise bothers not only land mammals but also marine ones. Dolphins and whales are highly sensitive to the sounds of motorboats, vessels, sonar and underwater construction. Sound travels much faster underwater than through air, and excessive sound stimuli negatively impact the natural communications channels of marine animals, their feeding, even breeding and migration cycles. On the island Lošinj, biologists are conducting underwater measurements of noise within the scope of the international project Soundscape, analysing its effect on dolphins, sea turtles, and other animals. We set out to sea with the research team. What are their findings, and how can we stop the sonic pollution of the sea?

Guests: scientific director of the Plavi Svijet institute Grgur Plesnić, biologist Marko Radulović, volunteer Viljem Mantunović

Authors: Luka Hvalc, Mojca Delač

Date of first broadcast: 2. 12. 2022

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