Workshops „Cultural Education – Competences for Non-Competence“

Subtitle: 4. 7. – 5. 7. 2021, Belgrade, Serbia

Creative-educational workshops were held within the BAZAART's annual conference on cross-sectoral cooperation of culture and education, which was in 2021 titled „Cultural Education – Competences for Non-Competence“ as it had explored the potentials of arts and culture to develop creative and critical thinking of learners, essential especially for young generations who are entering the world of constant changes and uncertainty.

Online workshop „On both sides of a screen: Digital steps ahead of concert and opera halls towards new audiences


Workshop facilitator: Ana Čorić, Mag. Mus, Academy of Music, University of Zagreb

The conclusions of the research of digital educational programs, conducted in 8 theaters and concert halls of the English-speaking area during the pandemic, served as an introduction to an interactive listening / viewing space of selected content and reflection on their application in local contexts. The workshop was followed by a discussion.

Onsite workshop „Music activities in the overall musical development of a child“


Workshop facilitator: Prof. Katarina Zadnik, PhD, Academy of Music, University of Ljubljana

Based on the musical activities, the workshop participants were acquainted with the didactic approach to listening to music and creating music. Examples of good practice were presented to support the musical development of students in primary and music schools. The workshop was followed by a discussion.

Onsite workshop „Take a deep breath and let your voice be heard!“


Workshop facilitator: Olivera Milojević, MA, vokal pedagogue, Belgrade

Teachers and music and drama educators learned how to empower students to express themselves vocally, no metter if they show a talent for music or not, activating the whole body through amusing breathing exercises, warming and voice guidance, and group creation of simple melodies and lyrics.

Lecture: „Creativity in developing a real program in kindergarten“


Nevena Mitranić, MA, Assistant at the Department of Preschool Pedagogy, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

Marija Jovanović, nurse-educator in the kindergarten "Zemun Pearl", PI "Dr Sima Milošević", Zemun

A tandem of a scientist and a practitioner explained the importance of a holistic approach based on creativity in the early development of a child. Taking an example of an art-based theme upon which a program was elaborated, the speakers presented the audience with a new concept for pre-school education which is being implemented in the kindergartens across Serbia. The workshop was followed by a vivid discussion.