Haris Sahačić: The Symphony of the Siege, Mirsada Zećo: Peace

Installation / An Electrocustic sound composition

Thursday, June 16th at 18:00, Atrium of the Slovenian Academy of Science

The Symphony of the Siege_3.png

The Electroacoustic sound composition is based on academic research and recordings of fifteen survivors of the siege of Sarajevo. The Symphony of the Siege was produced within the B-AIR Project.

Haris Sahačić is the author of numerous radio events and broadcasts, radio plays, art concepts, audio essays, art critiques and poetry collections in German and Bosnian. In 2008 he was awarded a scholarship by the Bauhaus University Weimar and the Hans Böckler Foundation, while the Medienanstalt Sachsen Anhalt in 2009 awarded him the honorary mention for his radio work Gattschaft Bericht. Since mid-2017 he has been working as a Marie Curie Alumni Associate on the Transmaking project, where he is artistically exploring the theme of 'Quintessence as public space', while also working closely with the institutions Relais Culture Europe and ZRC SAZU. Today, he is the head of the administration and radio of the CRVENA Association for Culture and Arts.

Mirsada Zećo explains her composition Peace: »The composition Peace is refers directly to the composition by Haris Shačić. I have taken great consideration in selecting the percussive instruments that I have used to create, I hope, a very peaceful environment for the listener. I wanted to give them the time they need to process all the emotion that they hear in the strong sounds of The Symphony of the Siege."