Aernoudt Jacobs: What Dogs Hear

Installation and vocal performance

Aernoudt Jacobs (foto personal archive/RTV SLO)

Friday, June 16th, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, and Saturday, June 17th, 10:00-24:00 at +MG | Museum of Modern Art - auditorium

The performance is based on the author's practice of mimetic transposition of recordings of inaudible frequencies into the range of the audible, by means of the human voice. Using implements of his own design, he records, analyses and transforms electromagnetic signals, infrasonic and ultrasonic waves, translating the shifted material into an installation and musical score interpreted by the vocalists (Ina Puntar, Tea Vidmar, Žiga Jenko in Tisa Neža Herlec).

Aernoudt Jacobs is a Belgian artist creating primarily with sound. His work is grounded in acoustic and technological research and inquiries into the processes of the individual's aural perception of the complex, rich, and layered daily environment. Alongside independent international activities, he manages the Overtoon studio platform and production space for sound arts in Brussels together with Christoph De Boeck.