Testifying the Siege (documentary)

Sound trauma and practices of sonic remembering. Artistic production of a documentary, which explores the modes of dealing with war trauma through sonic remembering.

The documentary "Testifying the Siege" is accompanying the electro acoustic installation "Symphony of the Siege" and is based on academic research and recorded testimonies of fifteen survivors of the siege of Sarajevo.

The documentary is both a continuation of academic research and an integral part of research methodology. Its primary function is to illustrate testimonies of the fifteen war survivors, but it is also envisioned as a complimentary and mirrored image of the electro-acoustic composition “Symphony of the Siege”. Thus, the documentary is structured in reverse order, form the most intimate scale of an individual experience of sounds of war to large scale, such as the breaking of the neighborhood and the city.

Both of these artistic components are going to be premiered at the exhibition at the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina in April, 2023.


Project Concept and Coordinator Lejla Odobašić Novo, International Burch University (IBU)
Lead Academic Research: Lejla Odobašić Novo, International Burch University (IBU)
Research Collaborators: Adnan Novalić (IBU), Emir Klepo (IBU) and Haris Sahačić
Filming Crew: Lead: Emir Klepo (IBU)
Filming Assistants: Ismar Begtaševič, Semina Bulić, Abdullah Idražić, Hamza Makić, Azra Selimović

Editing: Emir Klepo (IBU) and Azra Selimović
Interviews done by: Lejla Odobašić Novo, International Burch University (IBU)
Enrico Dagnino, Husein Mahmutović, Adi Sarajlić, Dina Memić, Mirza Čorić, Enes Zlatar (Bure), Adela Jušić, Paul Lowe, Nermina Zildžo, Nihad Kreševljaković, Zoran Doršner, Džemil Hodžić, Sabina Tanović, Mirsad Tukić, Nihad Čengić
Interview transcripts by: Abdullah Idražić