Sound and music for babies and toddlers

Evaluation methodology of audio works for children

Sound and music have a great impact on the child's overall development. The positive effects of sound and music are reflected in emotional, social, psychomotor, speech and cognitive development. The auditory system, which is responsible for hearing, is already developed in the prenatal period, and babies respond to sound and music soon after birth. The main goal of this B-AIR section is to evaluate the elements of audio works and the influence of these elements on babies and toddlers as well as parents and caregivers. The evaluation process, based on interdisciplinary action research, is conducted through observations of (music) psychologists, music pedagogues, kindergarten teachers, students, and parents. Our main question is:

Which methodological tools are appropriate in evaluating the child's responses to audio work? What are the methodological tools that could support the evaluation of audio works elements?

The appropriate use of methodological tools in the evaluation process is an important starting point for the artist's creation of suitable audio works as well as for other different stakeholders in the area of (music) pedagogy and psychology.