The impact of music in recovering after a stroke

Exploring music's therapeutic potentials in various brain injuries and damage as well as moments when a particular sound can stir up traumatic memories and unpleasant feelings.

In our first episode of the second, Autumn cycle in the series Dwelling the Networks of Sounds we're joined by a neurologist Prof. Dr. Sandra Morovič (Aviva Polyclinic, International Institute for Brain Health, Croatia): »I became interested in the brain very soon after I started using them. One of the most amazing things about the brain is that they requite everything you invest in it. The brain reimburses everything. We're not sufficiently aware of that fact, we take our brain for granted and don't care for it as we should've. Just like other organs, the brain also needs a lot of attention, training and preventive care«.

Audio Recording (in Slovenian)