European Evening of Sounds Radio Programme

Radio programme in collaboration with partners.

The European Evening of Sounds Radio Programme highlights the material specific to radio. The basic idea behind the radio program is to provide listeners with emotionally charged, conversational, diverse and interesting sounds, thus drawing attention to everyday sounds and to sound environments that have already disappeared. The aim has been to highlight the material specific to radio, i.e. sounds, and to rely on the most characteristic and historically relevant aspect of radio: how sounds create images, memories, speech, stories and conversation. The aim is also to make the program as interactive as possible, so that the general public can participate in suggesting the sounds to be played on the radio show and, where possible, discuss the meaning of the sounds with the experts.

The European Evening of Sounds radio program is based on different European sound cultures. Sound artists, radio staff and renowned sound researchers work closely together to produce the radio programs. The radio show will highlight new aspects of the diverse, changing European sound heritage.

Before the radio programs are produced, radio presenters and sound scholars have led workshops and artist residencies for the creative team.

Particular attention is paid to the inclusion and promotion of the agency of older, "third" and "fourth" age groups. Workshops on sound art and sound remembering will be organized for them in care homes. Sonic memories will be collected from Slovenia, Serbia, Finland, Italy and France. This will create a collaborative link between the intangible sonic heritages of the Forum's different countries. The uniqueness of the concept arises from the polyphonic dialogue that it offers between on one hand shared, common sound heritage in Europe and on the other hand the entirely original sound heritage of the different countries.


Heikki Uimonen, Principal Investigator of European Evening of Sounds, WP6, University of Eastern Finland

Helmi Järviluoma-Mäkelä, Project Manager of European Evening of Sounds, WP6, University of Eastern Finland, Jukka Mikkola, Project producer of European Evening of Sounds, WP6, University of Eastern Finland


Pertti Ylikojola (Producer, Finnish Broadcasting Company, Audio), Meri Kytö (University Teacher, soundscape researcher, University of Turku)


Pertti Ylikojola (Producer, Finnish Broadcasting Company, Audio); Barbara Hribar, (B-Air); Saška Rakef Perko (RTVSLO); Gregor Pirš (RTVSLO & Ars Acustica Group, EBU); Nikoleta Dojćinović (RTS); Marijana Gojković (RTS); Ljubinka Dobrilović (RTS); Giuseppe Gavazza (CRESSON); Nicolas Tixier (CRESSON); Nicolas Rémy (CRESSON); Julien McOisans (CRESSON); Mojca Delač (RTVSLO); Damir Godjevac (RTVSLO); Darja Hlavka (RTVSLO); Bojana Šaljič Podešva; Rajko Muršič (University of Ljubljana); Ales Ogrič (RTVSLO); Luka Hvalc (RTVSLO); Primož Trdan (RTVSLO); Anamarija Štukelj (RTSLO); Tina Ogrin (RTVSLO); Sabrina Povšič Štimec (RTVSLO); Meri Kytö (University Teacher, soundscape researcher, University of Turku); Pavlica Bajsić Brazzoduro (Radio Teatar); Carehomes in Finland / Slovenia / Serbia TBA.

External financers:

Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland

Activities timeline (draft, TBA):

Workshop (on-line), 24.3.2022

Workshop, Ljubljana, at RTV SLO, 17.5.2022

Fieldwork in Serbia, Slovenia and Finland:

Preliminary interviews 1.4.--30.7.2022

Personal interviews & group / individual interviews in carehomes 1.7.2022--30.4.2023

Radio broadcasts:

Evening of Sounds, Finnish Broadcasting Company Radio1, 23.10.

Evenings of Sounds, Radio Television Slovenia TBA 2022-23)

Radio Television Serbia TBA 2023

Interactive Sound Map (under construction), meanwhile you can send sounds and descriptions of what they mean to you in MP3 format to the e-mail address