National Evening of Sounds Radio Programmes

A series of radio interviews with local and international professionals.

National call-in programmes will be involving journalists, researchers and artists from Finland, Slovenia and Serbia: studio hosts, sound researchers and sound artists, including pre-edited inserts from sound art workshops in care-homes. First, a national program will be planned and broadcasted. Second, a Trans-European three-hour programme in collaboration between three public-funded radios is broadcasted. As part of the Evening of sounds project, RadioTeatar will be contributing a live event with an artistic exploration of vanishing melodies and soundscapes, including older people's memories of the sounds of their city, childhood, songs and past, entitled “Our songs, our dreams”. The author team will continue to produce reflections of this research, that are focused on melodies and soundscapes of older people’s childhood and youth, based on the documentary exchange of experiences. In parallel, the author team of Radio Slovenia under the artistic direction of Saša Rakef Perko, will conduct research and production of the same thematic setting, but in a different city, with other residents and with different memories.