Writing radio plays for children

With dramatist and editor Vilma Štritof

Discussing the infinite horizon of imagination, along with some basic rules of the genre. Writing for children is always also reaching into one's own memories or experience of childhood, through the changing prism of memory and fancy. And yet, these are more difficult to put to paper than a script for radio content, which has in its decades of existence shaped some rules; distilled from radio content for children and their occasional responses. Nearly one thousand items are kept by our radio archives, written in the broadest spectrum of genres and sound forms. Of course, modern children experience the world differently, their listening attention span is considerably shorter than in the past. Nevertheless much of the universal, and so less dependent on place and time, still applies. I wish to share some knowledge regarding the writing of radio plays acquired across three decades and more, while also encouraging, assisting and expanding the expressive and thematic possibilities of potential contemporary authors.

Vilma Štritof graduated in dramaturgy. In 1991 she joined Radio Slovenia as a dramatist – editor at the Fiction Program Editorial Office, where she still works today. As a drama author for the radio, she has co-created more than four hundred radio plays of various genres, along with many broadcasts and articles in the field of culture. She has been a member of international festival juries, expert juries in art and media, a member of the councils of national cultural institutions, and a curator of the Borštnik Theatre Festival. She is engaged as a theatre dramatist at home and abroad, and has also worked in film.