Musical Arts for Children and Children in Musical Arts

Vildana Repše, academic musician, violinist and music teacher

Vildana Repše, academic musician, violinist and music teacher, contemplates in her lecture "Musical Arts for Children and Children in Musical Arts" on the experiencing and selection of musical content at various stages of children's development, and the influence of the music environment and the child's musical activities on the formation and development of their pitch, ability to follow, listen to, and reproduce music. How to shape conditions for a meeting between the child and musical arts, where the infinite beauty of tone reigns supreme and musical intellect and creativity are at home? Why is it important to consider music in the daily life of children? Vildana Repše, cofounder and long time principal of the Tartini Music Atelier, the first private music school in Slovenia, will also engage with the question what attracts children to pursue singing and playing instruments, what motivates them for music activities, and the proper entry of children into programs of musical education; or how to keep music alive in the life of those who never participate. She will illuminate ways of reaching children without any experience of musical schooling, and the role played in this by radio programming. And, above all, why and how to – create music for children.


Vildana Repše, academic violinist and violin professor, studied violin at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. She is a teacher at the Tartini Music Atelier in Ljubljana. She has published several textbooks and other didactic literature as an independent author and co-author.

She is a lecturer at seminars and international congresses, a researcher in the field of violin playing methodology and a mentor for teachers, a juror at Slovenian and international competitions, a mentor at summer schools for young musicians, and an active member of the Slovenian String Teachers' Association ESTA. She has participated in the preparation of curricula for the arts in kindergartens.

Her artistic activity is channelled into orchestras: the RTV Ljubljana Symphony Orchestra, the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tartini Chamber Orchestra, the Musica ad Hominem String Ensemble and, since 2010, and the Camerata Medica String Orchestra where she is the concertmaster.

She is the recipient of the highest national award Fran Gerbič for lifetime achievement in the field of music pedagogy (2020).