Children's radio plays as didactical means

With Klemen Markovčič, director and editor at the Radio Slovenia Fiction Program Editorial Office

The children's radio play remains an elective subject in the curricula of all three triads of primary school. It is a somewhat neglected, at times ignored but very important artistic genre for developing children's auditory sensitivity in their earliest years. Radio Slovenia, the one institution caring for its legacy and growth in Slovenia, has greatly simplified its accessibility, now at the disposal of users online at any time and from anywhere. However, since use of this content in education depends entirely on the judgement of the educators as well as parents, the focus of this lecture is on the concrete use of the radio play as a didactical tool, and its accessibility. The lecture also highlights examples of good practice in this field.

Klemen Markovčič is a director and editor at the Radio Slovenia Fiction Program Editorial Office. After graduating from the Academy of Dramatic Art University in Zagreb (Croatia) with a degree in theatre directing and radiophonics, he returned to Slovenia, where he works as a director in Radio Drama Department of Radio Slovenija. He directed various radiophonic forms (more than 150), in particular radio plays for children, short radio plays and new drama forms for web and contact shows. Lately he has dedicated himself to exploring the format of clips, the shortest form of radiophonic expression. He worked (2014–2019) also as an assistant for theatre and radio studies at Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television University of Ljubljana.