Between Inspiration and Hard Work

Andrej Rozman Roza, Peter Svetina, Anja Štefan, Gaja Kos

With our guests Andrej Rozman Roza, Peter Svetina and Anja Štefan we will discuss the time and place for ideas and the polishing of letters, speaking on the role of the editor in these and other matters. On writing for different media, including radio of course. On the ringing of words, on words that invoke images or images that live next to words and with them. We'll also be touching on the living contact with the readers – children, teenagers, adults. And naturally, whatever springs up while peeking into the creative workshops ...


Gaja Kos writes literary reviews for a variety of magazines, newspapers and web media. At the Miš publishing house she edits children's and youth original literature, and at LUD Literatura co-edits the short translated prose collection Stopinje. She publishes academic and scientific articles in the field of youth literature and is the author of twelve children's books, while sometimes translating a picture book or illustrated book from English. She is a member of the Slovenian section of the IBBY and the Slovene Writers' Association, and a member of the Board of Directors of the Slovene Literary Critics' Association and the program committee of the Slovene Reading Badge.

Andrej Rozman Roza, poet, dramatist, director and actor, in 1981 established and up until 1995 led the Ana Monroe Theatre. He was a pioneer of improvisational theatre competitions in Slovenia. He writes fairy tales and theatre plays for children and adults, parody and comic poems as well as narrative and lyrical ones, adapts classical texts for other media, transposes them into the contemporary or translates them.

"One of the best things about creating for children is meeting a person who tells you that your stories brightened up their childhood."

Anja Štefan is a poetess, writer and storyteller. Her works feature in reading books, anthologies and curricula, and have been the subject of scholarly articles. Her fairy tales are illustrated by renowned Slovenian illustrators and made into performances across the major Slovenian puppet theatres. Many of her poems are set to music and sung in kindergartens, schools, choirs, shaping a lasting legacy for Slovenian children. In 2015 she published an anthology titled Svet je kakor ringaraja. Most of her books received prizes or nominations, in 2022 she was the first Slovenian children and youth authoress to receive the Prešeren Fund Award, highest national prize in the arts. As a storyteller she performs for children and adults at home and abroad. She is the founder of the Slovenian Storytelling Festival which she directed for 20 years. In the European Year of Cultural Heritage (2018), she was selected as an ambassador for cultural and arts education in Slovenia.

Peter Svetina

Peter Svetina, born 1970, studied in Ljubljana and Prague. He holds a PhD in older Slovenian poetry, for the past two decades lecturing Slovenian and South Slavic literatures at the University of Klagenfurt. Engaged primarily with youth literature, he writes for children and sometimes for adults, and translates.